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At a glance

Compensation limits (from 6 April 2016)

Employment rightMaximum award
Unfair dismissal
Basic award£14,370 (£14,250)
Compensatory award £78,962* (£78,335)*
Additional award£12,454 - £24,908 (£12,350 - £24,700) (i.e. 26-52 weeks' pay)
Redundancy pay£14,370 (£14,250)
DiscriminationNo limit
Dismissal for union/employee representative or pension trustee reasons
Basic award£14,370 (£14,250)(minimum £5,853 (£5,807))
Compensatory award£78,962* (£78,335)*
Dismissal for health and safety reasons
Basic award£14,340 (£14,250)(minimum £5,853 (£5,676))
Compensatory awardNo limit
Dismissal for making a protected closure
Basic award£14,370 (£14,250)
Compensatory awardNo limit
Guarantee pay£130 (same) (5 days in any period of 3 months) (£26.00 (same) a day)
Contract claims in a tribunal£25,000
Limit on a weeks pay = £479 (£475) (where applicable)

*Or one year's salary, if lower.

Parental payments (from April 2016)

Types of payment Current rate (previous limit)Max. period
Statutory maternity pay
(higher rate)
90% of normal weekly earnings6 weeks
Statutory maternity pay
(basic rate)
£139.58 (£138.18) a week, or 90% of normal weekly earnings if lower33 weeks
Maternity allowance£139.58 (£138.18) a week, or 90% of normal weekly earnings if lower39 weeks
Statutory paternity pay£139.58 (£138.18) a week, or 90% of normal weekly earnings if lower2 weeks
Statutory adoption pay
(higher rate)
90% of normal weekly earnings6 weeks
Statutory adoption pay
(basic rate)
£139.58 (£138.18) a week*33 weeks
Statutory shared parental pay£139.58 (£138.18) a week*39 weeks
* or 90% of normal weekly earnings if lower

National minimum wage

RateFrom Oct 2015Apr 2016Oct 2016

Sickness payments (from April 2015)

Types of payment Current rate (previous limit)Max. period
Statutory sick pay (Standard rate)£88.45 a week (previously £87.55) 28 weeks

Employment tribunal fees (for claims brought on or after 29 July 2013)

Type of fee Amount - Type A claimsAmount - Type B claims
Issue fee£160£250
Hearing fee£230£950

Employment law calendar

7/8 December 2016Supreme Court to hear UNISON'S appeal against the Court of Appeal's decision to uphold the dismissal of its application for judicial review of the decision to introduce fees in the tribunals and EAT
2016?The Trade Union Act - which has received Royal Assent but has yet to be brought into force - introduces new thresholds for industrial action ballots, new information and timing requirements in relation to industrial action and imposes legal requirements on unions for the supervision of picketing.
End of March 2017Latest date by which Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union will be triggered to begin the Brexit process.
April 2017?Apprenticeship levy on employers with a pay bill over £3million each year is expected to come into force to provide funding to help employers pay for apprenticeship training.
April 2017?Regulations requiring private and voluntary sector organisations with 250 or more employees to report on the gender pay gap are expected to come into force.

Important cases

Chesterton Global Ltd
(t/a Chestertons) and anor v Nurmohamed (CA)
Appeal against an employment tribunal's finding that a disclosure about accounting irregularities, which was made in the interests of the claimant and a group of mangers, was made in the public interest, as required by S.43B(1) of the Employment Rights Act 1996.
British Airline Pilots' Association v Ltd (CA)
Appeal against the High Court's decision that an airline's obligation to negotiate over 'pay, hours and holidays' following the imposition of trade union recognition under the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 did not require it to negotiate over pilots' rostering programmes.
Small v Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust (CA)Appeal against the EAT's decision that an employment tribunal is not required by law to consider whether to award stigma damages where the claimant had not argued in favour of such an award at the hearing.